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Sandesh Pereira

7.00 AM  

Wake up, immediately turn on the television to catch the start of the Liverpool vs West Ham game and go about getting dressed and ready for the day ahead. I have a look in the mirror and decide how acceptable my beard is for the day - luckily enough I pass the test this morning!

7.58 AM

I leave the comfort of my home for the train station and am appreciative that the weather is nice and sunny today.

8.13 AM

I catch the train - get myself a seat which is a luxury these days on busy public transport systems, settle down and start streaming the football match on my phone, Liverpool are currently 2-1 down to West Ham - it’s going to be a tense final half!

8.45 AM

Liverpool takes the lead, I stop myself from screaming on the train, we see out the game and my day gets off to a happy start.

9.00 AM

I arrive at the office. I greet my teammates and have the usual morning chats and start flicking through emails that have come in.

9.30 AM

I’m already into the flow of things continuing my previous engagement assignments, I meet with the Senior Consultant on the job and we discuss the road map going forward. It’s a really exciting matter and I’m lucky to be working with exceptionally talented people. I continue drafting a memo I’ve been working on for submission to the Senior Director.


10.00 AM

I contact some co-workers who are working off-site to assist them with their matters from the office. It’s a very dynamic work environment at FTI Consulting; an exciting part of the job is the opportunity to travel as you grow within the company. I’m replying to some emails from one of my co-workers who flew to London for an insolvency matter.

at the office

10.30 AM

Time to work on an investigation. I am working on multiple matters, which means my workload is dynamic and not one day is the same. I’m currently investigating ownership and structure details for a huge property company.

11.00 AM

We have regular training provided at FTI Consulting which gives us a wonderful opportunity to keep up our development and at the same time engage with team members in the other teams. Today’s training is how to run internal events and presentations.

12.30 PM

Time for lunch, today we had some catered lunch which is always a nice perk, especially on days when I forget to pack my lunch ha-ha, my teammates and I settle down for a word puzzle and banter.


1.30 PM

I’m back and working on my investigations. I’m conducting research on properties, asset holdings and looking into valuations - fun stuff!

3.45 PM

Coffee break with my co-workers. We’re lucky to have a barista machine on site, so we are all master makers at this point. I’m almost getting my hearts perfectly shaped!


4.00 PM 

Most days it’s less intense at this time of the day. I am installing a program to assist me with lodging BAS statements, and after a prolonged setup process, I’m all set up and ready to go!

4.30 PM

Prepping for the next day. I set out what needs to be done first thing in the morning and decide on action items for tomorrow regarding ongoing matters with one of my colleagues.

6.00 PM

Now it’s time to get back home and change for my futsal session with my old uni friends! I love playing futsal in the evenings with my mates. It’s an awesome time to catch up and stay fit at the same time. I am wearing my favourite kit tonight, hoping it will give me an extra eye for the goal!


9.45 PM

I get home after doing some socialising and have my last meals of the day, a protein shake and some eggs and avocado. Tonight I’m lucky I don’t have to iron my shirts since I did that earlier in the week, so I just take a shower and get ready to relax a bit.

10.15 PM

I call my parents and sisters in Botswana, living away from home is hard, but I have a very supportive family and we stay in touch throughout the week even if just for a few minutes.

10.30 PM

Most nights I’m either going to go down a YouTube rabbit hole or watch sports highlights, tonight I’m going to go on a long football binge to catch up with all the weekend highlights.

12.00 AM  

I finally get into bed and after one last round of replying to my Instagram DM’s I get to sleep. Liam Gallagher’s Rock N Roll Star is playing in the background, and I let the greatest song of all time finish before switching off my speakers. I’m looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow!




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