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Georgina Wright

5.30 AM

It's Monday morning, so no more sleep-ins for me because it's time to hit the gym. If I don't go in the morning, I most definitely will not be going after a day of work! After the gym, I have a quick breakfast and leave to catch the bus at 7.50 am.  

8.30 AM

If I've managed not to miss my bus, then I am at work by 8.30 am. I open up my computer, have a quick read of my emails, check my diary and make my to-do list for the day. Next, it's time for my first coffee of the day. Lucky for us, FTI Consulting has a great coffee machine, so I make my coffee while looking over the Swan River.  
FTI Consulting Graduate - Young professional holding a cup of coffee near the window

9.00 AM

On Mondays, I have a quick meeting with my team to assess the workload for the week. It's a great way to know how busy the rest of my team is and to know who can assist me if I think I'll need help during the week. 

9.30 AM

Every Monday, I process wages for a Motel that we are running. I open MYOB and start entering the employees' wages for the past week. I prepare payment vouchers for the wages, attach the required documentation, review my work and pass it on to my senior colleague for approval. Other mornings I could be taking calls from creditors in relation to outstanding debts, or employees wanting to understand the process of a liquidation.

FTI Consulting Graduate - Young female professional working on her desk
10.30 AM

If it is someone's birthday, I will usually get an email around this time for the morning tea. My favourite is when we get from Mary Street Bakery.

Back at my desk, I track the supplier payments and sales for a large gold mine that we are the administrators of. This process involves matching the balance of payments and sales for the week. In the event it matches, I move on to another task; otherwise, I double-check the work to identify inconsistencies.

12:30 PM

It's lunchtime! Usually, I bring lunch from home, if not I grab a salad from Soul Origin or some sushi from my favourite sushi kiosk. I use this break to go for a quick 20-minute walk either through the city or around Elizabeth Quay. I find going for a walk a great way to have a break from the office and get my daily steps in.

FTI Consulting Graduate - Young female professional on a park during lunchtime
1.15 PM

Back to work. I check my emails and see what I still need to get done for the rest of the day. Each week I usually have a few lodgements for the ATO or ASIC due. I try to start these at the very beginning of each week to ensure we have them lodged on time, and to have enough time to sort out any issues that may arise. 

2.30 PM

It's time for my second coffee of the day, and if I'm feeling fancy. I'll head to Arlo or Basilica at Brookfield Place. Now I'm ready to focus. I have a statutory report to creditors due at the end of the week, so I meet with the senior director who is also working on the account. The report is for a café that went into liquidation a few months ago. I will need to report on the estimated assets and liabilities, and the likelihood of creditors receiving a dividend before the café is fully wound up.

FTI Consulting Graduate - Young female professional meeting her team
4.00 PM

On Mondays, we also have an afternoon team huddle. This is an opportunity to get an update on current jobs and discuss the pipeline for future work. It's a great way to keep informed on what my colleagues are currently working on, and also share what I've been up to.

4.30 PM

I read over my to-do list checking that I've completed everything I wanted to for the day.

5.30 PM

I finish my timesheets and complete any outstanding tasks for the day. If it’s a Friday, I pack up my belongings and head out with my team for some socialising.

7.00 PM

I am home and relaxing on the couch, usually watching Love Island or The Bachelor and eating a delicious dinner I've prepared. After a day of work, I'm exhausted, so I tend to relax and hang out with my poodle.  

9.00 PM

Call me a grandma, but 9.00 pm is my bedtime. I always have to get my 8 hours of sleep so that I can do it all again tomorrow.

So, in one day, I've worked on a motel, mine site, and café. Who knows, tomorrow I could be working on a supermarket or fashion retailer. The possibilities are endless when you work at FTI Consulting! 



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