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Working Hours at DuluxGroup

8.3 rating for Working Hours, based on 7 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Very flexible, people turn up anywhere before 9am and leave anytime after 4pm (depending on when they started the day). Only your line manager would ever question your start and finish times and only if you were doing something really irregular, not completing your work satisfactorily or not being transparent about your whereabouts. If I am working a lot of extra hours or at a work event in the evening, I am able to discuss with my line manager some time in lieu. I often work extra hours but there is no expectation for that, senior management always aim to leave before 6pm and are rarely in before 8:30am. No one works weekends unless under exceptional time pressure or crisis periods.
Graduate, Melbourne
Most areas of the company are very flexible, provided you are working well and are prepared to take on all challenges that come your way. The time you come in, leave or work from home is mostly up to you.
Graduate, Clayton
Hours can be long and there is also a lot of time spent travelling. Working on a salary you are definitely putting in a lot more hours than what you are being paid for. Timelines can be highly demanding and require a lot of extra time.
Graduate, Melbourne
Company is super flexible. No expectation to work overtime unless a task must be completed. Flexible to start late etc.
Graduate, Melbourne
Company is very flexible with hours. Normally you would do standard 38hr week but when you choose to work longer or weekends for a particular project/activity you get flexibility on other days.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Flexible but within reason.
Graduate, Melbourne