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Susan Tran

As an HR Graduate, I’ve been given an exciting and great opportunity to work alongside the Employee Relations (ER) team during my first rotation.

What's your job about?

DHL Supply chain specialises in the storage and distribution of products for a whole range of customers from different sectors operating mostly as a warehouse function where customer’s products can be stored in a safe guarded environment and if required by the customer, DHL Supply Chain is able to deliver these products to retail outlets, and in some cases homes.

As an HR Graduate, I’ve been given an exciting and great opportunity to work alongside the Employee Relations (ER) team during my first rotation. A normal day at work for me would involve reviewing and/or producing policies and procedures, supporting the team on all work relating to the renewal of an Enterprise Agreement, and getting involved in grievance and disciplinary matters. With that being said, every day is different. In addition to the tasks mentioned just now, I am currently taking on more responsibilities and getting involved in cross functional projects, which in turn is beneficial to myself development. An example of a task I’ve been assigned to is probations. Looking over all matters pertaining to probations provided me with a sounder understanding to the area and allowed me to broaden my network through frequent communications with the business.

A particular project I have also passionately joined is the Graduate Booklet for the 2018 graduate intake. Being a graduate myself, I understand my input is valuable and how I can positively contribute to producing a booklet that will attract only the best talent to the business. At the end of the day, I strongly feel that my job is rewarding and it never gets boring, I am constantly learning each and every day.

What's your background?                         

I was raised in a small suburb called Greenfield Park. I grew up in a loving and crowed household with mum, dad, uncle, aunt, my older brother and two younger sisters (there was never a quiet moment to say the least). Whilst in school, I would describe myself as timid and quiet, but that changed over the years through the people I befriended and clubs I joined e.g. Junior Toastmasters. Junior Toastmasters is a club that teaches basic communication skills. To be completely honest, I was terrified every time I went. I was asked to do a lot of speeches on random selected topics, and majority of the time I stuttered and went mind blank.  Although I dreaded attending those sessions, it’s certainly made me more confident and helped me in school. I would say my time in Uni was the most fun I had. It was completely different to High school, there was more freedom and I came out of my shell by studying and working part-time as a customer service consultant at Salmat and then RAMS for approximately 3 years.  Working in a corporate environment while studying taught me how to time manage and balance my workload efficiently. After graduating from my degree, I applied and was able to join DHL Supply Chain as a HR Graduate and have been in this position for 6 months now! Although 6 months sounds short, during that time I was able to complete a placement in the warehouse where I became familiar with the supply chain industry and currently still in my first rotation with the ER team.

Could someone with a different background do your job?

Yes. Coming from a different background where your studies and work experiences was not directly related to Human Resources does not eliminate or reduce your chances of finding a role in HR. Courses that are not directly related to HR, but have relevance to HR such as Business Management or Business Administration is still taken into account. Naturally, graduating from a HR degree will provide you with the specific HR theoretical knowledge and will assist with settling into the role.  However, what is equally important is your possession to a number of skills that will enable you to perform in the role. These skills could be obtained from your previous work experiences and it includes, focus on detail and accuracy, project management, well rounded communication and interpersonal skills, proactively seeking solutions and ideas etc.

What's the coolest thing about your job?

Coming from a customer service background, naturally I find it most rewarding and satisfying when I am able to help a Supervisor with their enquiry. Whether it’s a question relating to probations or a process they’re not familiar with, I find the pleasure in being able to provide assistance with the knowledge I have and knowing that these people have confidence in my advise. It’s always been a passion of mine to deliver excellent service and it’s great that I can incorporate that skill into my role.

What are the limitations of your job?

There are limitations to every job. I believe if you are passionate enough about your job, then it is easy to overcome these limitations. One I can think of is the requirement to stay back after hours to work on my assigned tasks. On so many occasions, I had to stay back to work on an urgent request or finish off a deadline.  In conjunction to that, there is a heavy workload which can be difficult to manage. However, I am committed and am willing to take on these challenges as I understand very well that it is a part of the job. I know that overcoming these limitations will only enable me to do better in my role. 

3 pieces of advice for yourself when you were a student...

Firstly, TRAVEL. Take every chance you get to travel and explore the world. You will not only get to see the world you think you know in a different aspect, but you will also meet people who can become your lifelong friends.

Secondly, CHALLENGE YOURSELF. Constantly do things that are outside of your comfort zone.

Lastly, NEVER LEAVE ANYTHING TO THE LAST MINUTE. Try to start your assignments early and learn to manage your time wisely. From experience, there’s nothing more disappointing than handing in an assignment that was not your best, only due to the lack of time you had to do it. This is a skill you will use throughout your life, especially in your careers.