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Nadika Poudel

As the program involves rotating amongst different sectors within the company, it is ideal to have a flexible mindset and the capability to quickly adjust.

What's your job about?

I work for DHL as part of their Graduate program. The program runs for two years and consists of four six month rotations in various sections of the business. I am currently one week into my third rotation. As part of this rotation, I look at how the operations side of the business is running and compare it to how it tracks on the financial side. By doing this we are able to identify any inefficiency within accounts in order to develop solutions to improve their profitability.

What's your background?

I was born in Nepal, however moved to Australia with my family at the age of 3. I have been residing in Sydney ever since. The most important stages of life for me would be my education, completing High school and completing my university degree in Accounting & Finance. I have worked in a number of casual jobs such as part time at a restaurant; I was also a research assistant at the University of Technology Sydney and also did an Accounting internship. Then of course in 2016 I started working at DHL as part of their Graduate Program.

Completing a Bachelor of Business degree and majoring in Accounting/Finance it opened up potential careers within the Finance field. However, being unsure as to which sub field within finance to take I found myself being drawn towards the Graduate program as it would allow me to try different roles. Before taking the step of handing in my resume to DHL, I had obtained decent marks in university and obtained work experience through an internship. I have now been completing this role for 1 year.

Could someone with a different background do your job?

Although a degree in Accounting/finance would be beneficial in terms of setting a foundation it is not necessary since a large amount of my daily tasks have been learnt on the job. With fellow team members being more than willing to help, you just need to be eager to learn, ask questions and take on board everything taught with a great degree of responsibility. As the program involves rotating amongst different sectors within the company, it is ideal to have a flexible mindset and the capability to quickly adjust.

What's the coolest thing about your job?

The ability to work with individuals from all areas of the business from employees working within despatch on the warehouse floor to account managers, project managers and sector accountants.
The opportunity to interact with such a variety of people who each have a wealth of knowledge in their own fields enables you to find out what you enjoy most in a role, providing greater clarity for which role you would like to progress in on the completion of the program.

What are the limitations of your job?

Due to the magnitude of DHL there are numerous warehouses and offices around Sydney. Consequently a limitation of the job is that you will need to have a car to go to and from these sites as public transport for many locations will not be feasible. However, having such a large array of sites means that as a graduate you are able to obtain a great level of exposure to new processes since each site operates slightly differently.

3 pieces of advice for yourself when you were a student...

  • Although obtaining a degree is important, so are life experiences. The more things you try the more skills you will develop.
  • Find experience in any sector that seems interesting. One starting role can open many opportunities.
  • Making mistakes is more than acceptable. The more you make, the more you inevitably learn.