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Luke Walker

One of the standout factors that employment with DHL Supply Chain offered was that it is the Global Leader in the Supply Chain Industry.

What attracted you to work for DHL? Why did DHL Supply Chain stand out vs. other companies?

One of the standout factors that employment with DHL Supply Chain offered was that it is the Global Leader in the Supply Chain Industry.  Not only did this mean that I would be exposed to best practise Supply Chain Solutions but it also meant that would experience Tier 1 business processes across all business functions. For me this was particularly important as it would assist in shaping me to become the business leader I aspire to be.

How does the grad program work? 

The DHL Graduate Program is a collaborative approach specifically designed to suit an individual and their skillset. The program is broken up into blocks where you are able to have cross functional business exposure. During my program I worked on a number of different projects in Operations, Finance, Project Management and Business Development.

What was your biggest learning from the Graduate/Management Trainee Program? How much hands-on experience did you have and describe the interaction with the business?

The biggest learning lesson I had through my Graduate Program was that you should never underestimate the value an individual can add, as there is always opportunity to think outside the square and drive continuous improvement. e.g. In my program I was able to re-engineer a process in a mature technology operation that delivered a $150,000.00 in annual savings for DHL’s customer.

What kind of support do you get?

DHL have a buddy program where graduates have access to a HR Partner who is responsible for helping you map their journey through the program. In addition every Graduate has a Mentor in the business who is a GM or Vice President, this offers great insight for fresh starters as it allows guidance on approaching challenges as well as assistance in linking up with key contracts and touch points in the business.  

The most surprising aspect of your job?

I am never bored. DHL is an organisation that has so much diversity in roles for individuals as well as industry sectors that they provide Supply Chain services for Healthcare, Retail, Consumer, Technology, Automotive, and Energy customers. This diversity allows individuals access to new learning’s and change frequently.  

What makes you excited going to work every day? What motivated you to stay on with DHL Supply Chain?

As a highly motivated individual, the thing that makes me excited most about going to work is the opportunity to learn and develop as an individual. During the past 8 years at DHL I have had 4 roles since completing the Graduate Program from beginning in Operations as a Supervisor, transitioning to an Account Manager and then moving to the Business Development Team where I designed supply chain solutions and now lead, develop and implement new business opportunities.

Any tips for future Graduates?

Be patient. In my experience over the years I have noticed that lots of my peers across industries have worked in role for 1-1.5 years and then move on to another company or role. Whilst this behaviour can be perceived as a positive for skillset diversification, it often means that without persisting in a role for a period of time an individual has little to show in regards to the value they can deliver or offer to a business.