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Scott Herbert

6.45 AM

As the entire office is currently working from home, I don’t have to worry about the usual morning commute into the CBD. Instead, I use this time today to head out for a run before making a coffee and starting work for the day. The first part of the morning involves replying to emails and getting a start on some interest rate swap valuations for Audit.

scott 1

8.45 AM

I take a pause from work to join our team’s ‘workflow’ Zoom call. We currently have these every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to be kept up to date with any important developments and ensure that anyone with capacity can be utilised. Afterwards, I continue working on the IRS valuations before sending them off.

10.00 AM

A notification pops up to remind me that I have a call with a manager to discuss a project we’ve been working on throughout the week. This required calculating WACCs for business units across various geographical regions on the behalf of a NZX-listed company.

12.30 PM

Prior to the lockdown, my typical Friday routine would involve grabbing Wok’n Noodle for lunch with some mates from university – instead, I make some lunch and head outside).

1.00 PM

I spend the afternoon finishing some analysis for a buy-side due diligence project I’ve been helping out on – as you can see, the range of work in Corporate Finance is quite diverse!

scott 2

4.15 PM

It’s now time for our smaller group catch-up with some of the other analysts and Simon, a Partner in the Corporate Finance team. 

5.15 PM

I finish up for the week, grab a drink and jump back onto Zoom to join the Corporate Finance team for a ‘virtual chilly bin’, organised by one of the Partners. It’s great that despite working from home, the team is still able to remain social outside of a working environment.


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