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Harrison Tullberg

6.00 AM 

The morning begins with the sound of my alarm as I slowly bring myself out of bed. To start my day, I drive to my local gym and get stuck into heavyweights lifting session or a HIIT workout. I am usually at the gym for 1 hour before I quickly head home, shower, have a recovery breakfast, and catch a train to work. It pays to have a train station close!

8.15 AM

I arrive at 140 William Street and get myself settled in for the day, filling up my drink bottle, reading my emails and updating my to-do list for the day based on the priority of my matters for the upcoming week.

Clyde & Co Graduate Harrison Tullberg 140 William Street

8.45 AM

Working in Insurance and Disputes, I find myself assisting a number of different Senior Associates and Special Counsel in the conduct of litigious matters anywhere ranging from personal liability to professional indemnity claims.

I find the morning the perfect time of the day for complex drafting and typically allocate this time to prepare an in-depth legal advice or draft legal pleadings. I spend my morning doing this along with any necessary research.

10.00 AM

Coffee time. Of course, a classic Melburnian trope! Myself and a few other Associates head downstairs, grab a coffee and talk all things work and non-work related. Indeed, good caffeine and social fix to kick-start the work morning.

10.10 AM

It is back in business. By now, I have finished or near-completed my legal drafts and will revert to emails from colleagues regarding new tasks for the coming weeks. The to-do list is adjusted and the new commitments are diarized.

10.30 AM

I have been allocated a new professional indemnity matter under my name. I discuss the nature of this matter with my Managing Partner and coordinate a time to meet with our client to seek instructions within the next couple of days.

I review the most recent matter material so I can raise any points with our client in our upcoming meeting. After I have done this, I return to my to-do list to focus on my pending matter deadlines.

1.00 PM

Lunchtime! Melbourne proves to be a haven for great food. I leave the office and later return to the Clyde & Co staff kitchen to enjoy some sushi with wasabi soy sauce overviews of Melbourne city. A nice way to break up the day and spend some time with colleagues as the mornings can be short and busy!

Clyde & Co Graduate Harrison Tullberg Melbourne city

2.00 PM

A part of the work I do includes the assessment of complex insurance claims made under commercial insurance policies. At this time of the day, I virtually meet with the Melbourne and Sydney office to discuss our claims assessment processes and collaborate on procedures that will streamline our reviews. This is one of the great things about Insurance law as the breadth of work you do as a law graduate or senior lawyer can vary widely from litigation to insurance policy advice.

2.20 PM 

After the meeting is over, I start reviewing claims made under Trade Credit Insurance policies. This involves a review of the documents and evidence provided by the insured to the insurer. While I do this, I cross-review the claimed material against the insurance policy of the insured to ensure the insuring clause of the policy is met.

5.30 PM

At the end of the day, I use this time to finalise my time entries. I find this is the best way to finish the day for two reasons. The first reason is that I know my work for the day will be accurately recorded for the time I have put in. Secondly, completing time entries is a chance to reflect on the work completed for the day. This is a great way to feel accomplished before the end of the day and, in my opinion, make it easier to switch off before heading home.

6.15 PM

Home sweet home! After a quick train ride, it is nice to be home and out of the suit. I unwind with an early pre-prepared dinner before heading out to a gymnastics open gym to exercise and do some somersaults!