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Job Satisfaction at Capgemini Australia

8.2 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 25 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Stakeholder engagement, project management, keep team working in agile, creating documents, presenting documents to client
Graduate, Sydney
I am a Graduate / Associate Consultant and I am primarily undertaking the responsibilities of a Data Analyst. My duties generally revolve around the following fields: data science and analytics, programming and software engineering and client and stakeholder engagement.
Graduate, Adelaide
There is a lot of trust in the roles that I have undertaken, and I have been given a lot more responsibility than a normal grad should be given.
Graduate, Melbourne
My department specifically is very supportive. My day to day responsibilities differ every day, I am able to take on more responsibility all the time especially if I ask for it and prove that I am capable of handling the tasks
Graduate, Melbourne
My role is AI Engineer, and I am generally working on coding-related tasks. Currently I am working as a data scientist on a machine learning classification algorithm for a client. My day-to-day responsibilities involve writing code, testing code, assessing machine learning classification methods, and working to help my team meet the client expectations and needs. I also am involved in a few internal initiatives, such as doing work for Women@Capgemini and the Social Innovators/Invent for Society.
Graduate, Sydney
Learning about BA, doing internal projects or organising events.
Graduate, Melbourne
I am currently working on an internal project, so the usual day to day responsibilities are stand ups to discuss how the project is progressing and where are you at and where is the project heading, discussion with project manager.
Graduate, Melbourne
Project Management, project governance, Stakeholder management, Financial and data analysis, running meetings with senior clients on client site. Internal projects aned value add opportunities within Capgemini.
Midlevel, Adelaide
Huge learning opportunities. Work on various aspects of the business. Helped with project proposals too.
Graduate, Melbourne
I have been working as a Project management office - my day to day responsibilities include making sure all the projects are running smoothly, the needs and asks of the clients are fulfilled at the operational level. My responsibilities are endless and I enjoy working every day.
Graduate, Melbourne
Project management tasks.