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Stacey Waters

7.00 AM

My alarm goes off for the third time that morning and my mind finally resurfaces with a small groan of annoyance. The aim was to wake up at 6.30 am so there would be time for a good cup of tea and a solid half-hour of reading before getting ready for the day. Alas, the urge to sleep overpowered the urge for tea. Just kidding. I make myself a cup to take with me on the train in.

8.00 AM

I usually aim to get into the office a little earlier, so I have time to relax, read a little and wait while my laptop boots up. Also, a good chance to duck into the kitchen for a piece of fruit or a coffee. It doesn’t always happen – but this book happens to be particularly amazing and coming earlier to read in the office is safer than my usual method of trying to read while walking through the train station. 

Capgemini Australia Graduate - Book on the table, a blue beanbag lounger, and shoes.

8.30 AM

My day starts with emails and my planner. Doubling checking the tasks I had aimed to have completed this week and adding in any new small tasks that may have come through. I prefer having stuff handwritten – lets me take notes, scribble where necessary and keep track. Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying than a good, solid tick on a to-do list.

Capgemini Australia Graduate - Laptop and two journals laid on a table

11.30 AM

After an hour of struggling to create an automated flow to simplify a process in the space I work within, I give up. And call in a much more skilled friend in the office. Together we manage to get it working. This is followed by many high fives and joyful exclamations from myself, while my friend (who, honestly, did most of the fixing for me. I would have been at it for another week) very humbly nods along and puts up with my celebrations.  

12.00 PM

It’s Friday – and unlike most who go out for lunch on Fridays. I’m attempting to live a frugal and sustainable life by meal prepping and bringing my lunch every day. This is all good and fine until the delicious aromas of everyone’s curries, Mexican and Thai food waft my way and I instantly regret my choice. 

(Note the lack of photo here – my meal did not compare at all in comparison to my colleagues and was thus deemed not ‘insta-worthy’)

2.00 PM

I’ve spent the last week creating a few new processes within the space I work in – when collating all the data I’ve run into a few issues. Issues mainly being that I tend to do things the hard way. I’ve recruited a more experienced colleague within the office who happens to be an absolute whiz at Excel to recommend some easier methods for the future and how to improve my current spreadsheets.

Capgemini Australia Graduate - Young female professional with a laptop sitting on a beanbag lounge.

3.30 PM 

I’ve been coerced volunteered into participating in a panel for a masterclass that the current graduate intake is taking. They’re learning all the ways in which one can be successful at the company, and we’re here to answer questions and give tips as people who have already gone through the same program. Despite the numerous masterclasses and courses, the graduates are put through at the beginning of their intake – some of the most valuable information has always come from this masterclass. With a learning that there are always people to turn to, and always resources that can be easily accessed. 

4.00 PM 

It’s Friday, people. Time to get excited. I use the rest of my day to finish up a few loose tasks I’ve been working on, applying the tips and suggestions I got from my colleagues earlier in the day to help me simplify business as usual processes. There’s nothing more motivating than realising there’s a way to automate something that usually takes an annoyingly long time. I use the last few minutes of my day to record a bit of a test for an internal podcast I’ve been helping with – giving me the chance to practice my editing and producing skills. 

Capgemini Australia Graduate - Microphone and a piece of paper

5.00 PM

My team has a client event on for most of the following week – my last glance is at the space we work in, to mentally categorise what to start prepping first thing next week.

Capgemini Australia Graduate - Room with blue chairs and a white board