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Kimberley Manning

Development and operations (DevOps) is about making continual improvements to all of our processes: from getting new developers up and running to releasing new features to production. My job is to work on continuous integration and cloud automation processes, helping to keep Canstar at the forefront of best practices. I find it incredibly rewarding to be able to immediately see the impact of my work on other developers' workloads. As we automate and streamline our processes, we can hand over control of the entire development cycle to our developers, resulting in faster iterations for the company.

One thing I value highly about working in IT at Canstar is that right from the beginning graduates are treated as full members of the team. While management and senior members of the team are always available to help us through tricky problems and new situations, we are given full responsibility for the tasks we're given and the resources we need to complete them. Within two weeks of starting, I had already completed the first stage of a project to modernise our development environments - a meaningful and useful project, and one which is testament to the support and encouragement of my manager and fellow team members during the onboarding process.

Canstar also offers a wide range of training options to all staff, including graduates. Since I started, I've attended a major industry conference interstate as well as participated in webinars, lunch-and-learns and interactive online training modules. Impromptu training sessions between team members are also common - Canstar has an open and collaborative culture which encourages knowledge sharing within and across teams. This is so important, especially for a recent graduate, and I'm certain that this is the best place for me to have started my professional career.