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Hasreen Kaur

Canstar Blue is a customer satisfaction research and ratings business and my role is integral to ensuring the quality and timeliness of the research that we commission.

Day-to-day, my job involves helping to schedule each monthly wave of research, helping to determine the specific research angles we investigate, managing the research process and ensuring that everything goes according to the schedule. This was a challenge when I first started as I was working in a cross-functional team of media, research and sales. I overcame this by setting deadlines for everyone in the team.

I thoroughly enjoy working with the Sales & Marketing teams, producing quantitative data analysis that is used as supporting documentation in client meetings.

One thing that struck me when I first joined Canstar Blue was how welcoming everyone is. There’s a really friendly culture within each level of the organisation. I really like that Canstar Blue isn’t too big; I don’t feel like just another number. It makes it easy to learn everyone’s name and to get to know them, across the departments. This also makes cross-departmental teamwork stress-free.

There is plenty of opportunity to socialise outside of work at regular events that range from dinners and trivia to murder mystery parties (where everyone dresses in character) as well as the highly- anticipated Christmas party.

We also bring out the ping pong table every Friday afternoon and have monthly drinks in our newly renovated Laneway. It is a hard-working culture that also balances with plenty of relaxation time as well.