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  • 100 - 500 employees

Dominic Beattie

I was successfully awarded a position at CANSTAR following an online application, interview, written exam and a series of psychometric tests. I was pleased to take on this role since it offered a chance to utilise both of my degrees. 

My responsibilities at CANSTAR involve creating thoughtful, well-researched content to help consumers make better financial decisions. I also conduct extensive digital analysis to review the engagement metrics of this content and gain a thorough understanding of user behaviour. This is something I find quite fascinating. Often, I'm assigned to carry out special research for innovative projects beyond my regular responsibilities. This enables me to broaden my experience and skill set, as well as getting a feel for other sides of the business. 

In my role I enjoy the creative freedom I have in generating ideas and incorporating my own style. Every day I am developing permanent skills, building up my portfolio of published articles and expanding my knowledge of financial matters - something I know will be valuable for not only my career, but also my life in general. 

It's great to be part of an exciting culture at CANSTAR where, as a team, we have big ambitions. Everyone's friendly, supportive and likes to have fun both in and out of the office. We have a staff social club with regular events as well as an in-office laneway-style "bar" and ping-pong table.  Also, our newly furbished office in a Brisbane CBD high-rise right on the busy King George Square in Brisbane is a fantastic location. I'm actually able to ride my bike there easily from along the river.

Would highly recommend applying to work here!