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Jerry Labrador

Since joining Bupa’s Graduate Nurse Leadership Program at the beginning of 2014, I have gained invaluable professional experience measured through exceeding my own capabilities and maximising my talents and strengths. Throughout my journey, I was provided with support, coaching and guidance so as to bring out the best in me as a new Registered Nurse. The structure of Bupa’s program is aimed to produce high-calibre Aged Care RNs and envisioning these professionals to be the “leaders of the future”.

The support system that the program offers is geared towards providing a “Person-First Approach” to our residents as well as advanced Aged Care Management skills that are essential to achieve success in the Aged Care industry. Bupa has equipped me with how to efficiently manage challenges in a care home, provide timely resolutions and move forward effectively.

To be a “leader of the future” is a very promising stand and Bupa’s Graduate Nurse Leadership Program will certainly enable a Registered Nurse to align with this promise by maximising professional growth and providing further career opportunities.