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Neelesh Patil

5.30 AM

“It's so early, what am I doing?!” My thought every morning. But I’m up and it’s time to get moving. I go to the lounge, roll the mat out and get stretching. Its yoga time!

6.00 AM

I like to enjoy taking my time getting ready so I’m generally quite slow in the morning to get ready.

7.15 AM

I’m ready to head off to work. My commute is a difficult 30 min stroll to walk ?.

7.45 AM

Focus time. I consider this the most important time in the day. I write down the most important things I need to complete for the day and make sure I complete it during this time. I’m currently assisting with the project manager of launching our new BP Rewards program so my main priority for this morning is ensuring the project schedule is up to date and identifying the key risk items for this week that need to be completed.

BP Graduate Neelesh Patil work

9.00 AM

Catch up with the project manager to discuss what priorities I think we should be talking about in the upcoming weekly stand-up and what we should get the team to focus on during the week. With a project of this scale it’s important we get them focusing on the “burning bridges” of this week.

9.30 AM

Time to get on my emails. I try to avoid looking at my emails until I’ve completed the most critical items. I find emails a little bit distracting, so I generally turn off notifications or not even open outlook till I’m ready to.  

10.30 AM

My brain needs a break. I grab my banana, go for a small stroll. The office is located in docklands, so I generally walk towards the water and back.

BP Graduate Neelesh Patil meeting

11.00 AM

Time for the weekly project meeting. I pull up the activities which are outstanding, and which need to be completed during the week and together as a team go through each item.  Bit of an odd experience being a grad and telling a room full of well-experienced colleagues what their priorities are for the week but what an experience and opportunity for me!     

12.00 PM

Lunch. Lunch for me is always 12 on the dot and always in the kitchen with mates. Today I have my favourite, rice and daal ?.

1.00 PM

After grabbing some caffeine, I re-write my priorities for the afternoon. I generally jump back on my emails to see if anything critical has come up.

1.30 PM

Focus time. Today I’m working in collaboration with the operations and offer workstream leads to develop customer journeys for how the new program will look like once we go live.

3.00 PM

Catch up with my mentor. This is my last year on the grad program and gets it is getting to the time of the year where I need to start looking for a role after the grad program. My mentor has been brilliant in helping me navigate through the organisation. It can be so difficult in the early years knowing which pathway to choose.

4.00 PM

Wrap up a few last-minute things, then I’m ready to go home.

5.00 – 5.45 PM

After I reach home, I quickly cook some dinner. Tonight, I have a game of ultimate frisbee so I have my usual pre-frisbee dinner of pasta.

7.40 PM

Game time! It’s time to play some disc!

9.50 PM

After licking our wounds with a close loss I’m back home and I am spent. I have a quick bite to eat and then I’m off to bed.