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Office & Workplace at BHP

8.5 rating for Workplace, based on 13 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
Facilities are very varied across sites/city offices but generally good.
Graduate, Port Headland
business casual, fresh modern facilities
Graduate, Perth
BHP's Perth City Square office is very modern and deluxe, the view from level 45 is breathtaking.
Graduate, Perth / Port Hedland
High Vis and PPE. Some offices are new and pretty, some are old and worn but the resources and connectivity are the same everywhere.
Graduate, Newman
Some sites are less extravagant than others. There are some obvious advantages and disadvantages working in different locations. City office is very well-equipped with plenty of facilities making the space pleasant.
Graduate, Mine Site (Mackay/Moranbah)
The facilities located in the capital cities are great. Less so can be said about the offices located on site, however this is part of taking a site based role.
Graduate, Roxby Downs
I gave a 7 because, the BHP office in Brisbane is absolutely beautiful, clean, it has heaps of perks. They have a coffee machine, heaps of tea options, milo and hot chocolate, free fresh fruit delivered every day, they even have city views from the bathrooms. We get next to none of this at site. We do not even have a coffee machine in my office at site.
Graduate, Moranbah/ Dysart (site based at Peak Downs Mine)
The city offices are absolutely fantastic. Free fruit/coffee, beautiful offices, phenomenal views in fantastic locations. Site offices are a little rougher, but they are perfectly adequate.
Graduate, Roxby Downs
Corporate office requires sensible business dress and has very nice facilities. Site based offices require correct PPE or standard work uniform and have adequate facilities.
Graduate, Roxby Downs
City office has corporate dress code and hot desk seating arrangement. Very nice facilities and views. Regional office is nice. Dress code is full mine site PPE, even if you don't leave the office. Mine site offices are much more basic but cannot complain. Full mine site PPE required.
Graduate, Moranbah
HI-vis on site, semi formal in the Brisbane office.
Graduate, Dysart
Brilliant! Uniform on site (for obvious reasons) but Brisbane office is relaxed and inclusive- so long as you're dressed neatly and presentably, strict dress code doesn't exist.
Graduate, Moranbah
Perth office is very nice, site office can be dusty
Graduate, Port Hedland