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Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Raymond Chiu

I applied for the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank graduate program during the final year of my Commerce Degree at the University of Melbourne. The application process itself was not anything dissimilar to other programs but I decided to join “The Bank” because of the personalised communication and feedback provided to me throughout the entire application process. I saw this as an indication of their willingness to support me throughout my time within the program and have not been proven wrong! 

I was given an unparalleled level of flexibility over the four rotations that I elected to complete over 2 years. With this opportunity, I was able to rotate through entirely different business units within the bank; those being Group Assurance, Financial Markets, Margin Lending and Products. Further to this, the final two rotations I elected to do were based in a different office. The bank encouraged me to take up the opportunity despite the geographical challenge and even provided me with support to make the move from Bendigo to Docklands.

Through my rotations, leaders, mentors and colleagues alike have shown genuine interest in my development and provided me with all the support and guidance I required. I have been able to develop an extremely wide network of friends and colleagues, as well as all the necessary skills required to ensure a successful transition from the graduate program into a full time position within the bank.