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Training & Personal Development at BDO

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Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Every year we go on National training programs for a week. We get to meet the other auditors at our level around the country. These training programs are very beneficial
Midlevel, Adelaide
There are regular in house and external training provided which gives you extra skills to make your job easier to perform
Graduate, Cairns
Each graduate is assigned a 'buddy' when they start, this buddy is there to train you and help you with any jobs/situations you don't understand. BDO also have regular training sessions especially if you're in tax! So far I have had the opportunity to go to Sydney for tax training, attend a one day course on payroll tax and also attend training sessions held in BDO's boardroom from BDO's National Learning and Development team
Graduate, Cairns
BDO offers a variety of training courses for its staff to develop the necessary skills required, as well as staying up to date.
Graduate, Cairns
A range of internal training is offered as well as interstate training once a year.
Entry level, Cairns
Three day induction training. BDO are going to pay for me to attend a two day external training course for my service area. Other graduates in the company have flown inter-state for training.
Graduate, Melbourne
National programs involve all graduates from across the country to meet regularly to ensure a standardised training program and a great networking event for socialising
Midlevel, Brisbane
National soft-skills programs in self-development and writing were great starting points and technical programs are offered from outside providers
Graduate, Brisbane
Informal training for my particular department occurred almost daily for the first three weeks - teaching us about the particular legislation and provisions we would need to look at during the job. Formal training included People & Culture briefings and was fairly standard.
Graduate, Brisbane
Communication skills, audit skills and knowledge. The company is also paying for CA program study and offering paid study leave.
Graduate, Brisbane
National training with other colleagues interstate which allows you to see the overall aspects of audit and what is required. Internal AIP training: was able to learn from my seniors and managers on their experiences on their areas of work
Graduate, Melbourne
All graduates were invited to attend a four day tax training seminar in Sydney. The programme was helpful in preparing us for the type of work that we would be doing (e.g. fbt, CGT, taxation of trusts).
Graduate, Brisbane