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Job Satisfaction at BDO

8.3 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 41 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
I process compliance work for superannuation funds and audit SMSFs from external associates
Midlevel, Adelaide
Auditing financial statements, performing tests and discussing with the client. A different location every week!
Midlevel, Adelaide
Preparation of financial statements and tax returns, other tax advisory matters when required
Entry level, Adelaide
My duties vary from day to day as each job isn't the same. I generally have the opportunity to complete tax returns, do annual financial reports for clients and also do bookkeeping.
Graduate, Cairns
I am the foundation of the team. Daily responsibilities include managing accounts and generating financial documents that accurately depict a client's profit generating activities
Graduate, Cairns
Day to day responsibilities involve completing client work, whether that be tax returns, accounts or financials. Also, following up on client queries if necessary
Entry level, Cairns
Undertaking income tax returns, monthly accounting assistance and other taxation tasks
Graduate, Adelaide
High level of variety across different jobs including General administration duties. Manageable level of client contact. High level of written communication skills required
Graduate, Melbourne
A benefit of working at a mid-tier firm is that we get to work with and interact with clients straight away, often within the first week. BDO is perfectly positioned as they're small enough that we get to be very hands on even as graduates and large enough that we also get to work on high-profile clients. The actual work we do is heavily accounting based, so an interest in accounting is absolutely critical. From the moment you're booked on your first client you'll be responsible for certain procedures and audit areas, with increasing complexity as you gain more experience. We work closely with the rest of the engagement team, so there's always someone available for support and training. We tend to be on jobs for about a week and we get to work across all industries, with the option of specialising if we choose.
Graduate, Sydney
I work in Business Recovery and Insolvency and deal with company's mainly going into liquidation
Graduate, Brisbane
As an audit graduate my responsibilities are very client focussed. I am responsible for ensuring that my clients are following the AASB standards and providing true and fair results in their financial statements. I do this by expense revenue sampling, documenting internal controls, reviewing board minutes and various other reviews of clients accounting systems
Midlevel, Brisbane
As a graduate auditor, my main responsibility at the moment is to learn and absorb knowledge and skills on the jobs and apply them on the future jobs to enhance efficiency and create more values for the clients.
Graduate, Brisbane
Working on different clients each week and mainly responsible for planning and testing of company's operations
Graduate, Melbourne
My work mainly consists of completing tax returns for clients ranging from high net worth individuals to companies and trusts. I also draft trust distribution resolutions and attend to miscellaneous administrative tasks such as drafting letters to clients regarding their Notice of Assessments and PAYG instalments.
Graduate, Brisbane
Completing delegated tasks from seniors. Can sometimes be easy and repetitive or complicated and challenging.
Graduate, Melbourne