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About AlphaSights

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What it does: Information services company for global investment and business professionals.

Best known for: The media has ranked AlphaSights as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe since 2013.

Staff stats: More than 1,400 employees.

The good bits: You can be a manager after two years of staying with the company, or you can relocate to any of AlphaSights’ offices in China, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, the UAE, USA and UK.

The not so good bits: Graduates should prepare for a tough job interview, especially for the case study presentation that requires them to think on their feet to solve complex problems for real clients.

The AlphaSights story

Max Cartellieri and Andrew Heath founded the company in 2008. Their main goal focused on providing clients with expert knowledge for business and investment decisions. AlphaSights became an incorporated company in London by 2009. They expanded their footprint by opening an overseas office in Hong Kong and New York City in 2011, Dubai in 2013, San Francisco in 2015, and Hamburg, Seoul and Shanghai in 2016.

The company’s rapid business development led them to become one of the fastest-growing private companies in the UK since 2013, based on the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100. The Financial Times also listed AlphaSights among the top 1,000 fastest-growing European companies in 2017.

The recruitment process

AlphaSights normally follows a four-step hiring process for the Associate Program that starts with a phone interview for 10 to 15 minutes. The first-round interview allows the company to determine your strengths. Case study interviews take place after the initial interview, and applicants should prepare to solve real-life problems for clients. A vice president at the company will conduct the final interview.

Some of the previous applicants advised graduates to prepare for case study interviews. You must think of solutions to a client’s problems within a given time limit. The company won’t likely provide the case before the interview, which means you’ll need to have quick yet effective decision-making skills.

Hong Kong

The company hires on ‘a rolling basis’ until they fill all vacancies for the Associate Program. Applicants can know the results after a few days or up to three weeks.


The process can take more than four weeks for associate roles, although AlphaSights may inform a candidate through email after a few days whether or not they got the job.

Career prospects

The company has a straightforward career path that seems achievable in theory. Fresh graduates start as associates and eventually become managers after working for at least two years. You can become a vice president at the company once you gain more than five years of experience. Individuals can also choose to relocate as a specialist at any of the company’s nine offices, although most people decide to become managers.

AlphaSights expects associates to focus on results for clients, be professional and responsive at the same time. You should expect to work on cases involving consulting firms, Fortune 500 companies, hedge funds and private equity firms. Effective communication skills will be necessary, because you’ll be interacting with front-line employees holding up to C-level positions in different industries.


The company provides comprehensive dental and health benefits, corporate gym discounts, free breakfast and snacks, and monthly team events.

Hong Kong

Associates earn HKdD20,000 per month on average, while the median monthly salary of interns ranges from HKD8,000 to HKD17,000. AlphaSights also provides 401K contributions.

South Korea

The company pays a monthly average salary of KRW31,200 to KRW33,500 to associates. Interns earn between KRW1,500 and KRW1,600 per month.


The monthly salaries of associates vary from AED12,000 to AED15,000 per month.

The culture

An associate role at AlphaSights entails demanding and high-pressure responsibilities. The company doesn’t use euphemisms to hide the challenges of the position, as graduates are informed of what’s necessary to succeed in this role right from the start of their application.

Some employees said that managers are quite inexperienced, which stems from being promoted solely because they’ve stayed with the company for more than two years. Graduates who prefer variety in their tasks might struggle to handle repetitive tasks allocated to associates. If you prefer to relocate as a specialist, bigger offices such as in London and New York may have tougher competition than smaller offices like those in Dubai.

The competition

The company competes with DueDil, Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) and Vee Technologies. London-based DueDil has provided clients with predictive intelligence services since 2011. GLG started in New York where they have grown their professional education services since 1998. Indian company Vee Technologies began in 2000 as a specialist business services provider for accounting and finance, engineering, healthcare, legal, logistics and media analysis companies.

The vibe of the place

AlphaSights provides several opportunities for fresh graduates to join the company, but their difficult interviews will be the primary obstacle for applicants. Career advancement seems doable if you can stay for at least two years, which may not be possible if you are unable to meet the expectations for associates.

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