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Office & Workplace at Allens

9 rating for Workplace, based on 14 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
The majority of the floors are open plan, with partners and senior level lawyers located in offices. There are open kitchen and plenty of break out spaces. The location of the office is central within the city. The dress code is corporate with casual Friday.
Graduate, Sydney
Office space is attractive and welcoming, not overly fancy. Love the communal spaces provided which help socialising, changing room facilities are great too. The dress code is becoming more casual. It is not too restrictive or corporate (except for court and some client meetings). Men frequently don't wear ties, for example.
Graduate, Sydney
All lawyers have their own office, with support staff and research assistants in open plan. Graduates get their own offices within the first 6 months of starting at the firm. Dress code is corporate but more casual than other firms.
Graduate, Perth
All great. Location is good and the building has everything we need and a good view. The dress code is different in different teams, but corporate is generally casual business with the exception of when you have meetings
Graduate, Sydney
The facilities are excellent and the Sydney office is located in the heart of the CBD. We have casual Fridays.
Graduate, Sydney
101 Collins St, the best building in the city. Dress code is business, tie is optional for men.
Graduate, Melbourne
Fresh, glass, white, beautiful views, wonderful art. Dress code is less formal than you'd think. Men generally don't wear ties (even at meetings with clients) and women dress less formally than you would expect for a corporate law firm.
Graduate, Melbourne
Beautiful. Dress code is formal, but depends largely on team culture. Ties not necessary every single day if no external interactions, but ultimately a matter of choice and common sense.
Graduate, Melbourne